Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's not Made in China?

What would happen if we stopped using all our products made in China? How many things would be off limits around the house? Lately I have been noticing how practically everything has the made in china stamp on it. The kitchen, the bathroom, and the closet are dominated by Ikea furniture and textiles made in china aren't surprising, neither are cheap plastic toys but luxury TSE cashmere and expensive Emile Henry cookware made in china. What's going on?!

I do not like purchasing products that have been made in china. I won't even buy baby wipes made in china to use on my dog's paws for fear of contamination. China has produced tainted milk, tainted pharmaceuticals, and tainted pet food all in the last year. Obama and the US Treasury believe China is manipulating its currency intentionally to gain an unfair trade advantage (NY Times Jan23 p.A11). I didn't realize it was possible to purposely keep one's currency devalued. What, besides low prices, keeps manufacturing in China?

American made goods generally cost more to produce than Chinese, therefore they cost more to purchase but I wonder- how would the American economy change if we started manufacturing more of the items we consume? The employment rate would certainly rise, as would the cost of living. What does it take to see a return to domestic trade and craft? Why are our lives so smothered with Chinese objects?


  1. Well said I agree! The problem is everytime I have tried to not buy made in China after a week or so I give in b/c it is so damn difficult to find things made here it is very aggrivating. Maybe I just need to start with the a few things at a time basics...I dont know!

  2. start by buying Sky's and MArcela's jewelry... All made in Brooklyn! ;)